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Traveling has been part of my story since my childhood. My parents went from Korea to Mexico in the 70’s, I was 4 years old. The only memory I have is being waken up to eat a fresh mandarine salad, it felt so good to have such sweet and refreshing encas after so many hours of flight (that I spent mostly sleeping). Then there was heat, warm air enveloping our bodies and faces when we stepped out of the plane. We had arrived in Mexico city.

The first years after arrival, my parents were super curious and eager to discover this far-from-home exotic country. So they made many road trips to explore it. This was followed by a long period of «void» when my parents decided to run their own business, they were working all the time while we were at school.

Then again after highschool, another life changing voyage, I went to Korea for my undergraduate studies. I started travelling with friends, around in Asia…. So many unforgettable memories… After University I came to Paris to continue my studies in Fashion (ESMOD & IFM) and then I started working, I have been living in Paris for over 16 years now.

The other transformational trip took place in 2006, this time an internal voyage: the moment I started practicing yoga. Today I am still in this internal voyage that in my opinion has no end.

Yoga has truly changed my life, yes I want to live yoga in and off the mat.

«Yoga materializes our profound intuition that the beauty of life is in every instant» Eric Baret.

I started Laty with the desire to inspire and empower people. Laty gets inpsiration in yoga, fashion, travel and photography. «Carnet de Voyages» is a collection of images honouring places/spaces, moments, instants… It is born with the desire to share inspiration through amazing photography. Dedicating the first LATY CARNET DE VOYAGES to France (where LATY was created) seem to be the natural choice.

The first edition CARNET DES VOYAGES LATY’s guest is Patricia de Solages.

Photographer, artist, mother of a beautiful son and a long time friend, Patricia de Solages has used photography to express what makes her heart vibrate for over a decade. Her work is extremely genuine, generous and sensual. Her favorite themes are anchored in the interpretation of mother nature into visual poetry.

She often quotes «Photography is the alignment of the mind, the eye and the heart» Cartier-Bresson.

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